Girls, is it really a complete turn off if your man has a close relationship with his mother?

Just curious. I guess I fall under being a bit of a mama's boy but that doesn't mean I let her make life decisions for me or that she has a problem with me having a girlfriend/wife. My mom doesn't mind at all if I'm in a relationship as long as I'm happy and the girl treats me well. I'm still a very young college student in his early 20s but still living with my mom at the moment since I'm paying many of my own bills with a part-time job (including my college tuition) while my mom helps me covers food and gas money.
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What Girls Said 2

  • It's good to have a close relationship with your mother. I'd prefer a guy who was like that honestly because the chances are they'll treat females properly. As long as it's not a Norman Bates type of relationship lol

    • I'm far from Norman Bates but I still do kinda cuddle with my mom sometimes, lol.

  • It depends. Some close relationships are good others not so good.
    Specifically, if a man can't do anything without their mother approving of it then there's def smth wrong there. I'd be very cautious in dating someone like that long term because it creates issues. I wouldn't find a man like that attractive at all..


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