I need a guy's advice please?

Started talking in November. Usually hang out once a week! He's in school full time and works full time! We're both 27 and I know I'm shy and he seems shy as well! The following is a text convo after hanging out last week. I don't know what to think. The night before he brought me two bottles of wine and hung out til 6 am. He went out of his way to go to the store and get me wine and we don't live close by. I kissed him the night before these text messages. He came by that evening those texts are from and I cooked for him. He's been around since this so I don't think he doesn't like me at all I just want to know what a guy gets out of this because what my girl friends have been saying is not all that positive and I don't want to waste my time! We have not kissed since... I feel like I'm back in the school but I also think that us not hooking up right away is very sweet...
His texts are bold

Ok... well I'm really bad at this! I always enjoy hanging out and I don't mind hanging out as friends at all (one can never have enough friends)... but I'd like to know what your intentions are?

My intentions were to hang out, have good company. Im not an alternative motive kind of guy. :) I enjoy our conversations and the relaxed vibe when I around you. And now I enjoy your cooking too, lol. Really though, Im not expecting anything. Just your company :) Hope I wasn't giving off a weird or creeper vibe
No not at all! I did kiss you last night and yes the wine probably helped... and I feel like I need a glass now haha but I couldn't really tell how you felt about that

You were drinking, its cool, it happens. I didn't want you to think I would take advantage of the situation or anything.
Yeah but the drinking only helped me bring up some courage... like I mean I do like you a lot :) I just wonder if you could see yourself like me more than a friend which I'm ok with that too if that was the case

Well thats good to know. I say we keep chillin see if it developes


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What Guys Said 2

  • He's into you but didn't want to do anything because of the wine.

    You'll just have to get the courage on your own to kiss him and make it official.

  • Firstly i see the chats are mixed up... so you dont know who said what...

    But if i had to assume i got it right.
    Then i believe he likes you... And he enjoyed the kiss and wouldn't mind spending more time with you...
    He seems like a legit guy... To be honest. Dont see any weird things there. And it sounds like he respects your privacy.
    because when you asked what his motive was he replied with:
    "Hope I wasn't giving off a weird or creeper vibe"

    Could you make the question clearer please... =)

    "all I just want to know what a guy gets out of this"
    I assume that was the question...
    He gets a potential long term partner... to love and care for...

    • First off you read the conversation correctly. I'm just used to guys making the first moves and he hasn't really done that. He comes over and brings me food and we watch movies and play video games (like old school Nintendo stuff). He's told me multiple times he enjoys my company and he usually always responds to all my texts. He's just not very forthcoming when it comes to us possibly being more than friends... My girlfriends say that something shady is up, but I think he is just a nice, shy guy!

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    • Thank you very much for your advice

    • No Problem!
      and Good Luck!

What Girls Said 1

  • What kind of advice are you looking for? The guy seems to be into you.

    • Well he just hasn't made any obvious moves...

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