Are my parents right? Is it stupid and pointless to see any guy at my college if I'm going to be graduating by May?

I'm a senior and will be graduating this spring. However, I've been asked out by a few younger guys recently, and I have taken a liking to another senior guy in one of my classes and was thinking of asking him out. my hometown is 40 miles from my campus, and this other senior also is from around the area (our homes are maybe 30 miles apart). I don't know his plans after graduation and I don't want to think that far ahead of him and I being anything at all, but I guess I don't see WHY NOT go for it? Even with the younger guys, they'll be returning next fall.. I am going to stick around my home state for at least the next year. What do you guys think? Is it stupid and pointless to go out with these guys, or develop feelings if that does happen?
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  • If you both are seniors and are going to be graduating, then I would say it's fine to see him. The fact that you both will be done with college means that you could start your lives together, as long as you plan it out right and follow through on the plan. But it's best to date him for a while before getting to the next level. No, I think your parents are wrong on this one. Just make sure that the guy doesn't manipulate or convince you to go his way. Make sure you talk to him about the future and confirm that there is one before you go forward.

  • Follow your heart


What Girls Said 1

  • No harm in Dating. And if Nee be, Set the Record Straight with any Potential Mate.
    However, this is a Stone's Throw, Compared to when I had Married a Muslim Man out in Egypt. People may have thought I had Rocks in my Head, but Instead... One learns to Work it out no Matter the Case.
    Good Luck. xx


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