What to do if you're a girls second choice and would you mind?

As usual this starts with "there's this girl". She asked me what I would do if I got to choose between her and a girl I used to like and I said I could say the same with someone she used to like. Basically it seems like at the moment we aren't too close but still sort of like each other and are worried about that sort of thing. The things is the people we accused the other of preferring are unavailable to both of us anyway so... What do we do? It kind of bothers me that she'd prefer him but of course she says she doesn't and I don't know if us being together is a good idea if we are second choices. It might be fun and happy but I'd always have it in the back of my head. Would you guys be bothered or do you think after a while we'd prefer each other much more than anyone else? Has this ever happened to you before?


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  • Yeah I'd probably wouldn't talk to her again. If she didn't want you first no point in her wanting you now.

    • But is it worth being all insecure about who she's liked before to miss a chance at being happy now?

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    • Every girl you've ever been with has likely really liked a guy before you more than you.

    • well I gotta respect that tho and I hope for you the best

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  • I wouldn't want to be anyone's 2nd choice. If the person was even torn between me and another person, I wouldn't want them to choose me. I want to be the only option.

    • But if they did choose you then they like you more right? The problem is not knowing if they'd choose me honestly or not.

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  • I ain't nobodies plan B. Either you choose me or you lose me.

    • So even if you liked her and she liked you (apparently).

    • Yes.
      This line applies to everything and everyone.
      My fav youtuber swoozie has a good short story for ya titled "My girlfriends boyfriend".

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