Did he misread or is there another reason why he's mad?

Last Thursday I texted my friend and asked him was he doing anything Saturday and he said "no why?"
And I said "I'm going to come see you for a bit since I'm off" and he replied "you don't know where I stay" he called right after sending that text but I didn't answer and then he texted back and gave me his address and then he called me and I missed the call because while I was texting him I was over my family members house celebrating my aunts birthday party and then he called 3 more times and before I could text him back and tell him that the reason
I wasn't answering was because I was over my family's house he texted me saying."wtf" and I said "what?" And he said "are you coming or not?"
And I said "I said I was coming you need to calm down" and he said "where are you?" And I said "I'm over my family house... why?". He texted back saying "you're supposed to be coming to visit me and I'm about to just say forget it" and I said " I told you from the beginning I was coming Saturday, you need to read what I said"
Tl:dr; And he didn't text back. Should I contact him? Because I have no idea what I said or did to make him go off


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  • something else was going on. he might've been drunk.

  • Leave him be, he's being an idiot.


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  • He just needs to pay closer attention to what he read in the text.

    • I feel like he misread but I also feel like he was not reading what I said at all like I clearly said "Saturday"

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    • Thanks hun for answering 😘

    • You're welcome. ✊

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