If a girl has a boyfriend, and she thinks another guy is hot and wants him, will she ever tell her friends?

Let's say a girl has a boyfriend but wants to hang out with another guy, and thinks he's really hot, will that girl tell her other girlfriends or will she keep completely quiet about it so he would never find out?

if she did talk about it, why would she?


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  • every girl is different. some would talk to their friends and some wouldn't

    • Would their friends ever talk about it to her boyfriend?

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    • Would they ever sympathize with the girl? Or would they just talk her down off the ledge and make sure she understands that it's the wrong thing to do?

    • depends on the friends. If she had a group of good friends then they would talk her out of it but at the end of the day it's still her decision

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  • yeah


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  • who cares quit messing with girls with boyfriend's

  • if she trust 's them (her friends) she'll definitely tell them

    • Will they ever tell her boyfriend? And will they encourage her or talk her down?

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