What should my next move be with this guy?

Messaging a guy from match. com for a few weeks who is an hour away.

Chatted most days. He's initiated but I've also done my fair share. Lots of flirting and some sexual banter but mostly just deep long discussions. Felt like we clicked.

Was keen to meet in person so he suggested this weekend coming up. I said perfect and what did he have planned. Was going to show me his city and suggested various things to look at.

I was travelling to see him and now as it's Thursday I was hoping to have something more in place plans wise - my own fault for not confirming time and place!

Now he's gone quiet... not sure whether to be worried or not...

Last Friday we had a long discussion until the early hours.
Weekends are usually quieter with us being out with friends but Sat he messaged me and Sunday we didn't speak.
Monday I messaged him and talked for 2 hours - flirty, fun, the usual.
(Around this time I noticed I couldn't see his last seen online on whatsapp so he appears to have changed his security settings.)
Tuesday night I messaged him - was short responses and seemed busy so I never pushed for more chatting.
Wednesday - I was thinking that I really need to know what's going on if we are meeting on the weekend so that I can sort out the travel etc. About 9pm I send him a "hey how are you this evening" usual kind of text - no response and nothing now it's almost 2pm on Thursday.
HOWEVER - he has not read it (as not got 2 x blue ticks on whatsapp unless he has now disabled this feature) but he has managed to follow someone on Instagram that I noticed.

Am I overreacting? Is he doing a disappearing act (though he hasn't blocked me on instagram or whats app seemingly)? Genuinely busy? Another girl who's now in number 1 spot?

Do I leave it with that text I sent on Weds eve or do I send another tonight or Friday checking if we are still on to meet? I don't want to seem needy but something seems off.
I now have the double blue ticks so he has read my message... but no response...
Ignore this - he has now responded.
Luckily I have hidden this inner crazy from him!


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  • He probably got bored. Usually people want to meet early to see if they click in person. A few weeks of emailing and texting gets old quick. More than likely he met someone else on there or was dating someone else at the same time and cut you out.

    • Thank you. The only reason we couldn't meet so quick was due to the distance.

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    • What did he end up saying?

    • He started with an apology for responding late (which I appreciate) and said he had phone battery issues. Could be a lie but it's nice that he apologised.

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  • Yeah you are


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