Girls, Is she playing hard to get?

So I met this girl, we exchanged numbers texted each other and arranged to meet up again, when we met up we got along great, and talked about meeting up again in the future.

now here's where it gets confusing, after the date I continued to message how I usually messaged her before, but she began to reply less and less, now I would take that as a sign of disinterest, but here's the thing that confuses me, whenever I go on whatsapp and she's online, if I go offline she does also, it's apparent to me that this might be some kind of game she is playing (maybe a test to see if I really want her that much?) I continue to message her to show her I'm not a quitter, or someone who is just looking for an easy girl to pump and dump.

please take into account that she is from a different culture than western culture, my experience is western girls are more transparent and less likely to play games (perhaps they are easier somewhat) due to equal gender roles.

Have any girls on here done something like this before to test if the guy is the real deal? And how does the guy pass the challenge? Persistence?


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  • yeah she is


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