I touched her Breast, But I feel bad.. is that wrong?

Hello everyone.. Since I'm new here I don't know how to start.
Myself 19 and my girlfriend is 18, it's been 10months we've been dating.. today we went to watch a movie but, Today we went too far i. e I touched her breast without knowing And later I put my hands inside her shirt, She didn't say anything and I even asked her.. she was like "You're for me and I'm for you, I'm yours and you can do anything with a pretty smile.. she was kissing me very hard while I was holding her breast, I mean never been this hard before and I'm the guy who don't flirt with girls nor being closer and she likes me because I don't touch or flirt with girls.. She loves me so much but I'm worried whether the way I did today could destroy my character or my respect. Please Temne whether I did was right or wrong and a bit of advice please. thank you

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What Girls Said 1

  • It all depends on the girl, but in my opinion, I wouldn't have done anything unless she asks or touches you or you guys are fondling each other. I would tell a guy if I wasn't ok with it, but some girls will just give a neutral answer because making you happy may mean more to them than making themselves happy. So just do whatever feels right. If you guys fondle each other, then you're good. If not just wait. It all depends on her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't worry. You got on a more intimate level of your relationship. Just don't push it too hard and everything will be fine.


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