Is she the ultimate keeper?

I met a girl through a friend. We clicked. It has been almost eleven months. I really like her and she does also like me, though i suspect less.

I know that's all i need to be concerend about is the present- that she is loyal and has a certain level of love towards me. My insecurity is that she has a very colorful sexual history and is no stranger to casual sex. She has traveled the world and slept with many men from many places.

It is not relevant to our relationship outside of how uneasy i feel at times due to personal insecurities and a general lack of confidence in terms of relationship longevity. I try not to judge her but i do. I love her, but not all the time. She has told me things that seriously make me question her worth as a partner.

I feel insecure bc she has an opinion on large vs big in terms of size and she has never said im the best with regards to our sex. We have good sex but she knows i cannot fill her the same. I fear she may want or desire more and she knows im not built to accommodate. Orgasms are easy though, i got that handled.

She has never said she loves me and i know her history is meeting people on her travels, has sex, and then she leaves again. She's also told me she wants a child within threw years, though perhaps with or without me she isn't 100%. We aren't very compatible but there is a strong pull.

My question is : wwjd? Seriously though, i have no idea. I really like her but the things she has shared with me build a picture of her having been used by and her using many men. She was at one point a "size queen" for no less than four years. I have had only ten sexual partners over ten years and five of those years was a single girlfriend. She has not gone over six months without sex max since age 16, her words. I just dont like it, but i like her. she's fantastic in bed and she listens and makes changes if i make mention that change is needed (relationship wise, not sexual changes). Thank you for reading


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  • I think you should just forget your damn insecurities and enjoy it with her. Seems like you really like her. From the fact that she told you so much about her past experiences I get the feeling that she really trusts you and you should trust her too. Saying I love you is not easy for some people. I've never said it to any boyfriend even when I really felt it.


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  • Fuck her. She shouldn't make you feel like that. You will find someone one day who will say I love you back. Your relationship sounds casual. date other women on the side to try and find the "one". She is out there bro don't let this woman manipulate you.

    • She actually makes me feel special. It's just that she shares some really fkd up things at horrible times. I know it is because she sometimes has no filter on the whole brain-mouth thing and has just had an endorfin release or what the fk ever.

    • I don't know if you say I love you to her and she doesn't say it back I would be dun

    • She said she don't say it easy. I said she dont know what it is and she's scared. I've let go of the words and focused on her actions.

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  • It doesn't sound like a perfect relationship but then again no relationship is even good relationships. The relationship you two have sounds very good and to answer your question yes she's a keeper.

    • thanks lumberman9. It isn't perfect at all but there is such possibility with that we both see. We have spoken at great lengths about this conundrum.

    • you're welcome and there you said that you both see possibilities and you two are openly discussing the issue so yes it sounds like a good relationship

  • She is a keeper... just keep her somewhere else XD


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