Is he doing this on purpose for me to speak again?

Okay so there's this man I been on and off with for years And he never changes his whatsapp pic the only time he does it is when I start ignoring him. Like lately he has kept messenging me and I've just been completely ignoring him and he hadn't changed his pic at all until the time before when I was completely ignoring him which was a year ago so soon as I have started doing it again after he keeps trying to message me he keeps putting pics of him at gym and he done it the time before too and time before that and time before that only when I'm not speaking to him. He also puts pics up of him at bar I know sometimes I think he does it so I go there. Does it sound like he is doing it on purpose. He messaged me a couple days ago and I blanked it and then he put this new pic up of him at gym?


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  • What if it's just a coincidence?


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