My boyfriend mentioned a girl who had nothing to do with the situation in our fight... Was it wrong of him or not?

My really good guy friend came over to my house and we finished our homework for Pre-Calc. That's all we did and my dad was home the whole time. My friend's cousin sent a picture of my friend's car at my house to my boyfriend.
To keep it short, my boyfriend ended up fighting with me about this. At the beginning he didn't say he was mad but he asked if I would be bothered if he had a girl over at his house to study. But he mentioned a specific girl; he mentioned a girl who he used to talk to.

(To help you better understand: my guy friend, my guy friend's cousin, and my boyfriend are all on the same sport team and I'm close with all of them and they're all close to each other.)

In the end, it's all fine. We fixed everything. But the fact that he even brought up a girl who he used to talk to when I don't even talk to her or am friends with her and she had not a single thing to do with the conversation still bugs me. Am I wrong for thinking this?


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  • You're not wrong for thinking it. You and your friend were just friends not someone you were involved with in the past. That's not comparable because of course you wouldn't want them studying together. And it was very immature for your friend's cousin to send a picture to your boyfriend. This issue may be resolved for now but something similar will probably happen again

  • I think he was just searching for examples to get his point across. Also he was 100% in the wrong. You did nothing wrong


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