How do I show enough interest that it doesn't seem clingy or annoying?

I have a horrible time showing interest. Usually I back off and get nervous or scared to text them. But there is this guy who I have been talking to and he shows a lot of interest in me but can't seem to replicate the same back. I message him within minutes (him seconds) to show I care and message him good night and he messages me good morning sometimes.

Im not sure what else to do, I send cute selfies of myself too and ask how his day is but that gets boring real fast. Help?


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  • If you have to ask then your gonna need help in any of your future relationship. Best way is to ask questions that excites you and him. His birthday, how much he lift, hobbies, movies, places he hung out, what he want for his birthday, what do he want for Christmas. Etc.

    • Im scared to ask those in case it comes across as boring.. I know work is the last thing he would want to talk about.
      I've asked him about hobbies and work

What Girls Said 1

  • Pick a topic which you're both interested in and ask his opinion about that. If you like someone, you can actually talk them about anything. That's the magic of it.


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