Cute couple pictures, videos is more than a enough to make you jealous to want a relationship.

its hard not to be jealous Sigh..

Vacations , Trips, Matching outfits, joint apartment, family photo's 😩😩😩

"They're so happy "

I want those things so I can be happy like them..

. ... So I THOUGHT

so my expectation on relationships was so overrated.. the internet literally hyped it up even more. Fake FAKE Advertisement!! A lot of relations, we Glorify on the internet such as "Beyonce & Jayz ", YouTuber Jesse & Jeana.. many other we assume was Happy☺

my best friend who has a Fiancé known him for 5years,
decides to pop up at house right?

So I'm looking like What the heck why aren't you at work?

so she walks up stairs and Whispers; "I need you to do me a favor". So I'm thinking to myself like Huh? Why didn't you just text me that"? so she says too me "can I use your house? "

I'm like for WHAT?

"I got this guy in my car he thinks I live here".

... LIKE WTF bruh she bought some random niggar to my crib..

SO I'm like okay make it quick I'ma run to the store for about 40mins

SO Their done fucking or whatever...

fast forward a week from now I see her up on Instagram smiling hugged up with her fiance on a trip in HAWAII... like nothing happened ;(

I feel bad he's a good guy

but that's my best friend😂😂🙊
I done losted hope for relationships
Should I tell him? is Social media a Big cover?
is relationships taking seriously during 18-26?


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What Guys Said 1

  • yeah I think social media makes relationships look more glamourous than they really are , and the online pictures only show a portion of what really happened and are staged


What Girls Said 2

  • In your shoes, I would drop my best friend. Someone who cheats on their fiance might be okay doing other morally questionable things (like, cheat on their fiance with my boyfriend, etc.). Honestly I wouldn't be able to trust her after that. I would get her cheating down in a text, screen shot it, and send it to her boyfriend with just a by the way, I think you're a good guy and don't deserve this. Granted, you can only do this if you're okay burning all bridges with your best friend. If you're not, if you still want to keep her as a friend, you can't tell her boyfriend anything. He probably won't believe you, and if he did believe you might bring up your name when he breaks up with her saying something like, 'your best friend told me you cheated on me'.

    A lot of social media is curated, most couples rarely ever post their fights on social media but will post their trips, dinners, etc. So when you see it, just remember it's not all that it seems. There are serious relationships, but probably not at 18. I'd put more faith in the relationships post college since for many people, they are still learning and discovering themselves during college. But of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, this is just a generalization.

  • Social media definitely glorifies relationships, because nobody puts of videos of them fighting or long paragraphs about how much they irritate each other sometimes


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