My girlfriend spends would rather spend days couples spend with each other with her friends. Is this a red flag?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and day, New Year's Eve. Most couples usually spend these days each other but she spent every one with with her friends. Some of them she even told me she had plans those days but she still ended up spending time with her friends. Is this a genuine red flag?


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  • Red flags don't actually exist... sometimes partners and potential partners do things that you won't like doesn't make it a red flag. Just had a friend who's girlfriend of nearly 3 years chose her friends over him on the only 2 days she's allowed to see him by her parents... they've since broken up. This is because she didn't make time for him... ever. Does she still make time for you? I don't see how it's an unreasonable request especially for things like New Year's Eve you can't be involved in her plans... just ask. When she starts doing things like spending Valentine's Day or your anniversary with her friends and not you then you have a problem..

    • I absolutely agree. But I think to an extent some of these days are almost as important as Valentine's Day, New Years and Thanksgiving especially

    • Exactly. I'd be pretty pissed if my partner cut me out on New Years... in fact... *remembering this New Years when he went off with his mates to drink and smoke elsewhere and left his pregnant misses alone with strangers and cold 😅* tbh perhaps would have been better to be left behind. Didn't even grant me my New Years req... which was to kiss at the end and beginning of each year... corny I know but hey I have the emotions lol
      Have you asked her about it? And asked to be included? I think tbh if you do that and she still doesn't put the effort in to include you... there's something wrong there. :/

  • Ask to go with her to spend time with her friends. You dont need to spend every holiday together

    • It's not that we don't spend every holiday together. It's that we don't spend any together and she spends every one with her friends

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    • I almost always ask her if she can and she says she's busy

    • Well if it bothers you that much either break up with her or talk to her and tell her how it's making you feel and see if you can fix it

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  • it could be , but i would not read to much into it, girls just have more schedules than guys. lol


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