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I met this guy through tinder that I wasn't expecting to be serious with. We started dating. fast forward to 3 months into our relationship I found out he already had a girlfriend (he broke up with her but I still found out) she was long distance in Korea. so we start dating after the week of us dating he says he's going out of town but it was her coming to visit. So she stays for 2 weeks in his house then left and then broke it off with her. It was a couple of months of trust issues and fights. So he confessed he still talked to girls on tinder in the start till about 6 months in the relationship. After that he said he's serious with me and he knows he made mistakes and he's trying to fix everything he did. He changed his attitude became more passionate, helpful, etc. says he wants to marry me and commit to me. I have talked to his mom and I'm planning to meet her which in Korean culture is a huge thing and it means marriage. So the problem is during our anniversary he gave me tiffanys. Said it meant a lot for him to give tiffanys. I was happy etc. well last weekend I go in his Dropbox and I find a video of that girl he was dating opening a tiffanys gift. I was angry and devastated threw the necklace at him. He says not to leave that he made a mistake that he felt sorry for the girl so he got her Tiffany for wastin so much money. He says he loves me that he really does and that he wants to be with me and doesn't want me to judge him that he didn't know any better and that he had the mentality of talking to a lot of girls because he thought something better would always come but he came to realization I am that girl he wants. I'm really sad about this and I feel like he's just fucking playing with my feelings. I talked to that girl and she told me that he told her he loved her and wanted to marry her too when they were dating. I told him and again he says it was a mistake he just said it out his mouth that he didn't know better that people make mistakes.


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  • the red flags are everywhere

    • Also forgot to say he forgot he had those on the Dropbox the date of it was old. And you think I should just end it? I'm really in a hard spot I love him and I know people make mistakes but he fucked up so bad with that

What Girls Said 2

  • I think if this rel will survive you'll need to work on the trust issues you have. I wouldn't jump on the idea that he wants to marry you, as some guys have no issue saying all those things to keep you around, but I'd really analize if this person is the one you can and want to be with. Without working on your trust issues and he giving you some kind of resolution then its doomed and trust me you'd rather end this now then 1-2 years from now.

    • I'm supposed to meet his mother on May she's coming here we are getting her from the airport. We are also supposed to move in 3 months from now and he said he wanted to get engage by December. What do you think of this? Should I still end things

    • I wouldn't move in with him without resolving the issues. Meeting the mother is nice but she's always going to protect her son dont forget that. It may be good for you to meet her to get more info on what he's about but dont expect her to be your ally. I'd be very careful on what I tell her.
      Just keep on working on the trust issues and see where things go.

    • Okay thank you

  • I would move on this guy seems full of shit to me.


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