Guys, would this discourage you from dating a girl?

I started seeing this guy and we've had a lot of confusion on whether or not we are just friends. So yesterday I called him up and started to share with him where I am at. I admitted that I have a lot of pride when it comes to guys and never want to be the "yes" girl who bends over backwards for guys, but I also want to give him (this guy) the opportunity to share where he's at before I shut down this relationship. I admitted, too, that I am not comfortable with conversations about "defining the relationship" or talking about what I want because it can come off harsh and demanding to some people. So- if I opened a pretty intimate discussion about where we are at and where we should go like that, would that make a guy run or would a guy appreciate statements like that?

In conclusion to our discussion, he said that he is comfortable with us defining things as dating because that's what I want. He said he's never really done that before, but is used to being friends for a long time first and then getting committed, so he admitted he's a little unfamiliar with the middle ground of dating. And he thanked me for being so open with him and that he appreciates that quality in me.


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  • I don't know what you think a guy might be discouraged by in that. I agree with this dude, top marks for being straightforward, that's actually really attractive.

    • I don't know. I come from a weird world where woman shouldn't express their feelings. haha. Kind of kidding but not.

    • Yea, I guess I get that. Maybe I live in that world too but I hope any guy worth a damn will value it when you do. Its so important, to both sides.

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  • I don't think that would discourage him from dating you. His reaction was quite positive if I am not mistaken.


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  • I think you did the right thing, and he meant what he said: honesty is hard to find, and good men don't like playing games.

  • Maybe but at the end of the day If I really like a girl Idc ya know?


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