How do I address this situation?

So a little less than a couple weeks ago my ex asked me if I would want to discuss "us" when he gets home back from college in two weeks. However, I looked at his snapchat story today and saw that he gotten this necklace. It was from Mary Kay and on the snapchat, he wrote "shout out to tshelby". I thought that name sounded familiar so I looked on my facebook and found out who he was referring to. I found her page and I noticed that she had a pic of my ex and a pic of her under her main photos on Facebook. I noticed that her page also said "in a relationship". His page obviously didn't say anything... But I am upset because once again a guy has given me false hope and let me down.. I'm sick of it because I am a great person and I stay on the straight and narrow. I know my intuition is right this time. No girl goes out of her way to buy jewelry for a man if she didn't want something out of him... I do value mine and his friendship though, so I am just wondering how to approach this situation with him and get him to tell me the truth about what is going on. Me and him have been casually talking on a daily basis too. But I had to do my detective work to look out for myself. What should I do?


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  • Ask him what is intentions are. If he says something more than friends, then you can address the necklace.

    • He didn't respond to my last message so I am assuming my intuition has proved me right. There is no need to say anything now that he has ignored my message. His actions are doing the talking right now. I must have been some chick that he could talk to on the back burner if things didn't work out with the other one.

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    • He actually did reply today. However, I know when he said, "let's discuss us" I know he meant rekindling things because we already had a friendship.

    • You're one of the fall back girls.

  • just cut contact with your ex. im tired of seeing these questions. ex's only bring drama in to your life.. this is proof


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  • If you had to do detective work, I wonder how much you trust him. If you don't trust him, you probably should reconsider a relationship with him. Talk to him, see what he says, if he doesn't tell you the truth, dump him once and for all, cut him off from your life.

    • We are not together. I just said that he gave me hope because He asked me what I thought about "discussing us" a couple weeks ago. But on snapchat I see things which make me wonder how serious he could really be. Thing which indicate another woman is in the picture. So what should I say... Like hey I'll back off talking to you so much if another woman is in the picture?

    • Hm, it makes me wonder if he's just leading you on or playing with your feelings. If he wants to get back together with you, he wouldn't have a shout out to another woman on his snapchat or feel comfortable accepting jewelry from another female, since jewelry is a fairly personal gift.

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