Should I ask the question? Will you be my girlfriend?

Hello Readers,

I am currently in 9th grade. I met this girl 2 weeks 1 day ago that I liked. We talk almost everyday and she is really nice. But the problem is I can't tell if she likes me or it's just her being nice. I need a few things.

1. What are signs of a girl liking you?

2. Should I ask her out?

3. Is it too early?

4. Should I take my time?

I don't want to ruin my chances because this girl is a person who makes me happy. I also don't want the relationship to end quickly because I asked her out too early. At the same time I really like her so what should I do?



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  • I would keep talking to her, if she likes you back she'll smile a lot, laugh at your jokes and try to casually touch you, or she might be really really shy, I would wait longer before asking her to be your girlfriend and maybe ask her on one date first and gauge her reaction from that

    • I actually already asked her if she wanted to go to the mall tomorrow. She hasn't responded. She may be shy. I mean she laughs at all of my jokes but I am a pretty funny guy so that may be why. Even the cheesy ones are funny. She does smile a lot and today she looked over at her friend and laughed randomly while we were talking. She also was facing my way the whole time so yeah. But it's kind of hard to tell.

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    • Thanks I will tell you what she says. :)

    • She said "No sorry I can't. Thanks for asking.

  • When I like a guy I normally try to know his style and what he likes and then try to know something about it and I laugh at his jokes and try to talk to him as long as possible... I think you should keep on talking to her and see what happens and wait on asking her out just take your time just wait and see


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