Is it normal to be moving this fast when dating/casual texting?

I've been speaking to this guy for a week maybe and his been revealing a lot of personal stuff about himself (i. e., bullying and negative affirmations about himself). He told me when we first started messaging how thought I was really pretty and gorgegus, said I wasn't and he was trying to make me feel better by sending bad photos of himself (😂). He sends me 💕 and 😘 emojis, also sometimes good mornings and nights. He messages me sometimes throughout work and we have been speaking everyday up until midnight.

He doesn't know a lot about me yet but has me on facebook (assuming he looked at my profile) but he seems really interested?

What are your thoughts? Is it moving too fast?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He lacks boundaries, is exhibiting possible emotional / mental problems, may be clingy, most likely suffers from depression and probably does not know anything about you beyond how you look, but will fall in love with the fantasy of you. It's likely the texting and non vocal communication will occur for some time to prolong this fantasy.

    It's also possible he is one of those full on at first guys that go cold.

    • He has seen what I look like lol

    • Yes, that's what I said. All he really knows about you is how you look.

What Girls Said 1

  • No, I think it's normal. He seems to be into you


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