When you're both comfortable?

Just like the topic says. We've reached a point where both of us are comfortable with each other. So much so that it's scared to me. At this point in any relationship I typically leave or flip out. He's not ready to start any relationship with any woman. Because he's gunshot. I told him that this is where most women leave him because they won't wait. I told him I'll still enjoy life and meet people but when he's ready... I'm right here. Did I say the right thing? What do I do now?


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  • I guess you don't agree with what you said. Have the self respect to leave him asap. Set boundaries and requirements to honor yourself as a valuable person. Then he will too.

    • So I shouldn't have said what I did? Because that's what I need to find out if me saying that out loud was the right thing to do.

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