If the person you may date is best friends with your ex?

Would you still be with them? Why?


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What Guys Said 1

  • depends how much history you have with your ex. if it was a really full on relationship, I personally wouldn't date their beat friend, unless you know 100% that they are keepers for life! if it wasn't much and yous didn't really "love" each other then wait 3 months at least then start dating your ex s best friend :)

    • We had plans to marry we seperated because we had too we didn't want to. As with the friend. I know he would be faithful and he became my best friend when I was with my ex, they were friends first. My ex told me to stay away from him because he was bad on drugs. He's off the drugs and want to be together ( only reason I'm thinking about it because we get along and he wouldn't cheat) well he's hanging with my ex and he knows the history and what is still there between us.

What Girls Said 1

  • No, I wouldn't.
    I don't like drama, that's why


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