Whyyyyy do exes stalk?

Why would an ex-fling who did not want me and moved on with somebody else stalk me online with fake Facebook accounts?


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  • if she still like u she want to make sure u ok without her but her ego won't let her face u and if she want to revenge then she is getting to know u by this fake account to make u pay back the bill

    • What does that mean for her current boyfriend and relationship

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    • don't blame yourself for being genuine and good person.. she will never find someone like you that is why she try using your good heart to hurt you more if she still love u she would leave him and get back to u but she is gold digger and excuse me for saying the following about her she is a drama queen and attention whore 😑

    • I've heard that before too lol. And a narcissist lol

  • i agree with Ms Melina. Some people act before they think

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