Does this guy still sound into me? Or am I pushing him away?

Okay so I've been talking to this guy I like from online...& it's obvious theirs an attraction.. and I like to flirty play around and he recently said this:

"And as much as I'd love to do unspeakable things to you, all I've been trying to do is take you out on a date. You're the one who's been dancing around the topic and just teasing me with sexual innuendo and promises of chicken parm lol"



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  • Not enough of your interactions to even suggest a response!!!
    Guys need to EXPECT that women are unsure, teasing maybe, conflicted in their own thoughts as to what they really want!!
    Sounds like maybe he wants a lot more, and maybe you are trying to slow things down!!
    So, did you offer to make Chicken Parmesan, for him? At your place, or his?
    I think there is still this underlying ideal that women can 'change their minds' when they want!

    • What do you mean he wants a lot more? I mentioned how I was good at making it to him lol and that "id take care of him" and e goes "I'll believe it when I see it. Till then I call bullshit! You just like teasing me Lol" & "prove it bc where I'm standing your all talk"

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    • Don't be offended, but with what you have posted, and what I know about interactions, and getting to know some new person, I am thinking that maybe you like him A LOT more than you want to say, and REALLY do, want to let him do all those things he suggests, with you.
      I am guessing, though, that maybe you have some 'reluctance,' or 'insecurity' about just letting him...
      Like I said, don't be offended, but I am wondering if maybe you are a virgin, and really unsure, being mid twenties, or maybe you aren't, but are rather 'inexperienced', so you kind of keep him at arm's length.
      Maybe something else. . .

    • No insecurity honestly I was just playing around /humor... and a little horney

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  • Did he text that? He is probably interested in you, but he is starting to lose his interest because he thinks that you have been teasing him for no reason.


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  • he wants to go out on a date with you.

  • you're pushing him away,


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