Does it sound like he likes me?

I mentioned how I was good at making chicken parm to him and e goes "i want it inside me 😍" and I said yea you made me hungry again... and he goes "We're still talking about food, right? Lol" and I said "yeaaaah. No more ;)" and he goes well in that case I'm starving!" And I said "id take care of him" and he goes "I'll believe it when I see it. Till then I call bullshit! You just like teasing me Lol" & "prove it bc where I'm standing your all talk"

Then later:
" And as much as I'd love to do unspeakable things to you, all I've been trying to do is take you out on a date. You're the one who's been dancing around the topic and just teasing me with sexual innuendo and promises of chicken parm lol"



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  • Yeah, he sort of asked you to go out. Ask him to call you instead of text and set up a date


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