How would it feel if you finally had a date with a guy/girl you like/love for so long and he/she just wants sex?

We have this connection, we always turn to each other. Things come and go, but we always turn to each other!
Never happened before between we two. We only made out two times lately, no more.
I like him for 5 years, around...

But now he wants sex! And we'll he tried to impress me on Monday ;)


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  • great.

    • would you feel great? is just sex for him/her and we love that person... you don't want just sex

    • yeah, you've spent all your emotion for wrong person and it's great that you've realized it

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  • Tell him goodbye, that's what. Nobody who just wants sex will ever like or love you, they will use simply for sex. They get something out of it while you get nothing. You become part of them forever, yet you can NEVER have them. I don't believe in premarital sex anyway. But I find those who knew this and still do it as naive and foolish who made the bed they will have no chose but to lay in.

    • good words! thank you

      i wanted, but we used to have our thing some time ago and all our friends knew it and he wasn't afraid to show that he was with me that time (we weren't a couple, we just went around)
      but now i realize that i really like him and we were in the disco, we talked and went for a walk and we made out, then, one week later (he wanted sex) and we just made out. Then we met during the week and he did one thing that i love! and this weekend we will be together (maybe) but for sex...

    • I hope you realize that you're setting yourself up for heartbreak. All it is is lust and raging hormones. Nothing more. If you want better, you have to fight for better or else you don't deserve better. That is how I look at. Your not another piece of meat. You're a human being. Your being treated this way because your allowing it. But I can't tell you what to do. Guys like that are wanderers. They're like ghost who can't let go of this life and move on.

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  • Is it only sex he wants?
    I only ask because you've known each other for a long time and if you have chemistry too why not turn it into a relationship?
    If he does only want sex and you want the same thing then go for it but if you want something serious and he doesn't I doubt he'll change his mind. I would feel gutted if someone I really liked didn't want something more but I'm a relationship kinda girl 😊

  • I would be like muaw! And pics! Then before it gets to that level I would be like bye. But if you are into yolo then fuck it just do it

  • - give him the middle finger
    - "shame on you"
    - leave


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