Why has he suddenly cut me out of his life?

I went on this amazing 11th date with this guy who I've been seeing for 3 months.

Our last date went really well and it lasted 13 hours. On the date I suggested we go on another date afterwards and he smiled and seemed very happy at the suggestion

I recently texted him with the details of our 14th date and it's been 24 hours and he hasn't replied.

Why is he cutting me out of my life when we have spent so long together?


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  • So weird. Sorry, not sure if I can be of much help but it reminds me of an ex I'm a little hung up on. She also changed toward me after the 3-month mark and initially dumped me without an honest reason why.

    Hope you at least get your answers.

  • He's probably busy on has dropped his phone in the shitter and needs to replace it chill the fuck out


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