How do you keep your girlfriend out of jail again?

So i just got pulled over because my girlfriend decided to through a cigarette out of the car which is a felony in my state the cop was kinda cool to me said she was gonna be getting a 1024 dollar fine. He walks over to her side of the car she then spits in the officers face refuses to get out of the car and holds the lock button down and when he does manage to get her out she kicks him in the balls 3 times once to get him off her his partner Ran up she got him in the shin and got the first cop the third time (she kicked him when he was down ) now she's facing 3 charges of assaulting a police officer resisting arrest and littering charge bail was set as 10,000.

So so how do I keep her out of jail she really the first girl I went out with she smart funny loves the woods and not a liberal pluses are she the first girl I've gone out with that doesn't was 60-70 pounds above me I've always been between 160-170 since high school anyway I'd rather not go out with another overweight girl I've never been attractive to women who are not over wait I'd rather have a 130 pound criminal then a 250 pound normal person


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  • She's not avoiding jail. by the way she sounds like a terrible person? That's not how you treat cops (or anyone). Bitch is crazy, get rid of her.

    • Arnt all skinny bitches crazy this is the second skinny chick I've dated and she got arrested as well the 200+ chick never got arrested

    • Your logic is ridiculous

    • Well I haven't ment a skinny chick that didn't pick a fight with someone the bigger women don't want to fight with others it might be were I'm living

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  • She's going to be in jail for a while. There is nothing you can do. She deserves to be in jail for pulling off shit like that.

    It's hard telling how long she'll be in jail. I'm not familiar with the time for that type of crime. I'd guess it's going to be months in a local jail or workhouse. I doubt if she'll go to prison for it, but it's possible.

    She's probably going to have a high bail if she gets bail at all. I would VERY strongly recommend that you do not post bail for her. You'll probably never get the money back, and won't end up getting her back either.

    She's a loser, let her go.

  • You can't. She's deserves jail time.

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    • Then wait for her to get out.

    • Well got a call she kicked another officer in a balls now she is facing 15 what up with the skinny chick I date getting arrested and the fat chick are fine except there fat

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