No Future?

So, basically, been dating this guy for years. We live really far apart, but he's coming back in three months. We broke up about 9 months ago. 6 months ago, he started calling me a lot and texting me, trying to convince me to get back together. 3 months ago, I agreed to give it a shot.

Now, he's out every weekend with new friends, never wants to talk during the week cause he's too tired, and gets very angry about the future. He says he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life, and he doesn't know how I fit in. He also claims 6 months ago he was just trying to convince me to "keep the possibility open" of us together. (He convinced me to dump the guy I was sort of seeing.) He says right now, what he needs from his partner is "understanding" that he has no plan for when he gets back (live in his parents' basement and take care of his four year old niece about four hours away from me.)

What does this all mean? Should I bother with it?


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  • Girl, you don't even need this guy in your life -

    He is immature and a waste of time.

    He doesn't even know what he wants in life and is trying to bring you into his "unorganized" life.

    I would cut any and all communication between him, you will be better off.

  • sombody like drama


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