Does my male best friend like me?

My male best friend and I, let's call him James, went to the same high school last year, and now we're both in college.
When we were in high school one of my friends told me she thinks he has a crush on me, but I was dating someone else then.
when we talk now we can talk on the phone for up to four hours, and whenever I send him pictures of myself he sends things like  or compliments me randomly and says something like you have really nice eyes
he also tells me every now and then that he finds me attractive, and we joke about missing each other and meeting up and what not, since his school is far from mine
But he was a really popular guy in high school so I don't know if he would like someone like me, and I'm scared that he may not have feelings for me, but might just want to hit instead, even though we've been friends for over a year now.
What do you guys think, and how can I figure out which one it is?


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  • No he doesn't


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