What should I do?

Hi there !
I am a first year college student studying in india. I don't know if I am infatuated or its love.
There is this girl I met ( just saw didn't even talk to her ) in college, for some reason I found my stop thinking about her , soon this became an obsession.
I wanted to know her real bad.
I didn't even knew her name then
now I know her name phone number and her grades which made my confidence drop even lower because I was barely passing in the subjects and she is one of class toppers. I really don't wanna say this but I staked for hours to find more about her since she isn't active in Facebook and there is not much info about her but still I got to know that she is from the same state as I am, which made me even more happy.
And now I cannot stop imagining her with these scenarios like in long term relationships stuff, seeing myself with her smiling, laughing, hanging out
She is in a different branch and a different class and we hardly have any mutual friends
I always walk in front of her class hoping to see her
I don't wanna come off as creepy
i cannot stop thinking about her
I felt the same ( or somewhat) way about a girl before which wasted 5 years of my life loving her
I am really shy or sometimes I am really frank like I Lose control
Someone please help what should
i do?
should I forget this girl?

I am going crazy and getting depressed


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  • hi, i feel for you and have some opinions however firstly i would like to know if you dont mind when you mention another girl regarding five years, what kind of relationship was this? as in the same kind of scenario or an actual connection? if so how did it end, i suppose either way would be of interest? xx

    • No i was never in a relationship its just that i loved this girl for 5 years and she even knew that i loved her, we were good friends and when she found out that i liked her she started to ignore and talk to me she treated me like i didn't exist and no matter what i tried she would never talk to me
      That hurt me bad in so many ways i still regret it
      I feel rejected and i dont wanna feel that again
      I always had a hope that one day she will love me back but that just kept breaking me inside and i know she maybe she never felt that way but it still hurts i dont wanna get hurt again
      i had lot of nights where i just cried myself i dont want that to happen again

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