Is he still with her? Does he like me?

He Dated and was with a girl for 2-3 months before she moved thousands of miles away.
He has been very flirty with me. Talked about wanting to hang out more. Even when she was here (but after she descided she was leaving). He Agreed to go on a hike, just the 2 of us. I like him.

I dont know how serious they were or if they are still dating.

Would you go on a hike with a girl you flirted with if you were still with the other girl?
Maybe they aren't very serious? They seemed serious (for how long they knew eachother) even though she learned she was moving right after they met. Is it possible they are trying a long distance relationship after dating so briefly? I assumed they just kept dating while she was here because well.. why not.


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  • Ask him if he's still with her

  • Not really


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