Is it ever acceptable to text another guy early in the morning when you have a boyfriend?

And let's say the other guy doesn't know it at the moment, would all parties involved assume that the girl liked him and wanted him?
What would he think if he found out she had a boyfriend after the fact? And what would the boyfriend think?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Is it right to go suck dick to random guy in the morning? Stupid question deserves stupid answer.

  • This happened to me, this girl would text me all the time and never once mentioned having a boyfriend...

    I saw them together is how I found out and was devastated...

    Then she was saying she was just being a friend and never meant to mislead me etc...

    I loved her, 3 years later I am not over her...

    It's acceptable if he knows you have a boyfriend and you just want to be friends


What Girls Said 1

  • This again? Just do what you want, seeing as you clearly want to, and deal with whatever comes next.

    • What will he think tho?

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