Girls, if a hot/cute guy is talkative with you sometimes but shy and reserved other times, is that ok?

Or will you assume he's playing games? Or do you understand he might have things going on, or he may even like you so much he's just nervous around you?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, that's okay! We often wonder about that too, because we do it too! I think it is okay, but still it can be frustrating for the girl. It makes me feel insecure when a boy does that :)

    • But if he's quiet one day then the next day he tends to chat you up, would you understand? Or would you be pissed about it?

      And what goes through your head?

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    • Is there any way to differentiate between the two?

      And if he ever admitted that to you later on, would it make you like him more or less?

    • Well.. you should know whether you are doing it on purpose or not right?

What Guys Said 1

  • I do that when I'm nervous around a girl because I like her so much... and she's giving me mixed signals too.


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