Who knows LaRon Landry from the Washington RedSkins?

And if you do, why would he be on a site called fling.com? Which is a Hook up with sexy singles looking for fun adult dating. That doesn't sound right does it? he is a pro NFL player who I'm sure gets P***y thrown at him daily. Why would he pay to be on site that is about hooking up for sex? He doesn't need to do that. What you think?


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  • How do you know it's him and not someone pretending to be him? It's very easy to start an account somewhere using a fake name and throw up some pictures of someone (I'm sure there are lots of pics of him on the Internet).

    • No I know its him because he sent me a pic from his personal phone and it was him in the morror with his cam phone takin the pic that he sent to me. It would be hard for some one to get his personal phone pics unless they hijacked his phone. lol! or hacked into it. It was him because when we exchanged numbers he would barely respond, obviosly busy and even said he was comin into town and to meet him at the mall this weekend. bUt you didn't even answer my question. It is him.

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