Should I dump the guy I'm dating for not wanting to pick me up?

He invited me out on a date. Then later he asks me where I am at. I tell him that I'm in my dorm which is 20 minutes away from where he's at. Then he says to me "I'm sick in bed. Was hoping you were in town. Save me the drive. Can you take a bus or something hun?"

Do I have the right to be disappointed?


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  • Yes. You do.

    Block his number. He clearly doesn't care about you.


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  • Sounds like he's kind of a jerk, and just lazy.

    If he was genuinely interested in dating you, he'd make a little more effort. Not saying he should go out of his way for you all the time, but from what you described, he's not even making a minimum effort to show you he's interested in dating you.

    I wouldn't say to dump him over just this situation, because I don't know how he normally acts. Go by what you've seen so far. Is he usually like this? Does he make a lot of excuses, always makes you do things/put in the effort, etc.

    • We've been dating for a while now. He doesn't usually do this. I just don't know if this is just an excuse because then why would he even want to go on a date if he has a cold?

    • If he doesn't usually do this, then I'd pay closer attention to how he acts from now on. If he's becoming more aloof and doing things like what you described earlier, then he might not be in it for the long-term. If that's the case, I'd dump him. If, however, those actions were a one-time thing and he was acting strangely because he was sick, then I'd cut him some slack.

      If what he did bothers you (which you have every right to be bothered; I would), then you should bring it up to him for discussion, and maybe he can explain why he was acting that way.

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  • I would cut him some slack since he's sick, it's probably also best not for him to drive if he's sick. If he frequently makes you feel cherished and appreciated, I don't think you should feel disappointed over this, he probably was feeling pretty sick. If he only had a mild cough or something, then I'd definitely feel a bit disappointed, but once again if he normally makes you feel cherished and appreciated, I'd probably still cut him some slack.

    • If he's sick, then why would he want to go on a date in the first place?

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    • Really? Even though he has a cold?

    • Hm, does he normally make you feel cherished and appreciated? I would occasionally walk the 30ish minutes to my ex's place (5 min drive) because he didn't want to drive, but it was rare so I cut him some slack. We broke up for other reasons, namely what we wanted for the future was different.

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