Ex joked about sex?

So my ex and I had an interesting breakup. It was very sudden and quick. There was no big fight or anything, my ex just started acting distance. Eventually she broke up because she didn't feel like she was in the right place right now and she didn't feel like she could put all of her energy into the relationship. She also mentioned she was tired of hurting me (which she wasn't) effectively I think she had a lot of issues with her family and school was becoming a burden for her.

anyway, during this process. I didn't get to say much. So a few weeks later I mentioned that we should get together so I can have some closure. Things went really well. In fact, it almost felt like nothing had happened previously and that we were dating again once I stated all my concerns. I then mentioned that some friends had been asking me what base we had gotten to. She then responded with "hey i don't know if this is right for me to say, but I would have liked to have gone farther" I also said the same thing. She then snapped her fingers and said "dang! "well maybe in Florida!" (She is part of my friend group and we are all renting a house for my friends 21st b-day)

anyway, things were awkward between us for the next week or so, but since then we have been getting along fairly well to the point where we are friends again. (Not close ones, but we are joking around a bit during conversations)

my question. Was she being serious? Does she still have feelings for me? In many ways I think she might have had outside issues cause her to break up with me because she didn't think she could uphold her end of the relationship.


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  • humor is just a fall back mask... she was serious but if you reject the offer... she was "only kidding god" and her self esteem intact because you didn't "really" reject her cause it was only a joke. .. ha oldest trick in the book

    • Ok. But I didn't reject it. It is still on the table and we are actually starting become friends again (as in we are past the awkward post break up faze) what now?

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    • Ok great

    • Thanks for the help

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  • For me it's not so much what she said, that could very well have been a joke. But judging by the way she's acting she still has feelings and I think if you two keep hanging out and things go well it could be fixed.
    However I wouldn't get my heart set on it because it can hurt to be let down.

    • Ok. so I should just keep letting us slowly start to come back together and see where things go? If we just become friends then fine and if more than friends also fine. i just can't think about restarting the relationship

    • just see where it goes man, wish you the best of luck!

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  • Many women laugh at a man's penis.

    • What's that supposed to mean?

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    • That was nicer than just saying it's over. Unfortunately it's a little hard to get away from this girl. We have many of the same friends and often run into each other quite frequently. So I can't exactly just forget her.

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