Men are naturally more attracted to Women than Women are to Men?

My theory:
Why Men are biologically/ naturally more attracted to Women than Women are to Men.
Women naturally recieve more male attention and are more selective, the female attracts potential mates and the men then prove themselves as the strongest suitor.

the female is then provided for and looked after.
On the show survivor, there consisted of 2 islands (male and female)
Naturally the males strived more so than the females, in fact the females were struggling so much they swapped 3 men and women and put them on the other islands.
On the male island, the females practically did nothing all day but sun baked and were practically worshiped by the men and catered to without offering anything in return other than being a female.
The women's island were neutral toward the arrival of men and received quite the opposite treatment of the women on the men's island, they were forced to work harder than longer than the rest of the women with no special treatment.
So naturally this leads me to believe that men crave and desire women sexually than women do men.
This is nature's means of tempting men to provide for women when they may not offer much more than children and are looked after by the male.
Where as women's attraction to men is largely driven by practical ability and providing efficiency.


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  • I agree that men are naturally more attracted to women than women are to men, but I think its mostly because they have the burden of pregnancy.


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