Is "dating around" necessary for finding the one? Or do you believe in "destined soul-mates"?

Do you believe the belief that in order to find the right one, one must date around in order to find someone willing to have a future with you? Or do you believe the belief that destiny is a thing and even if you don't date, there's already someone destined to be with you so dating around ain't necessary? They'll come to you or you will meet them no matter what. Thoughts?

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  • I believe in compatibility. But with that you have to be able to communicate.


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  • Dating around of course. But i do not recommend that you show desperation to anyone who you want to date, You have some men and women out there who will take advantage of that. And believe me anyone with good common sense can spot a person thats desperately looking for someone to love them.


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  • Personally I think dating is important. It doesn't have to be desperate or serial dating, but having some experience in romance, attraction, list and potentially love are important to help when choosing the one you want to settle down with.

  • If your going to find "the one" you will find him and nothing will stop you it's destiny but that doesn't mean that s person should forget dating.