Okay... this really made me mad?

So there is a guy I like at school (in college not high school), he's usually really open with me. Always saying hi, and wanting to talk any chance he gets. In previous questions I've gotten the answer I needed for those situations. But the other day, my friend and I were coming from class and he just happened to be coming out of the bathroom right there. So I go to say hi to him, and he only talks to my friend... he acted like I didn't even exist. I didn't even get eye contact! Then we all started walking, and he was only talking to her... I kept going and they stopped in the hallway to keep talking. I was pretty upset. he's been doing this around her, just her. Its the second time and I felt really stupid for saying hi to him when he did that. So today I saw him and he said hi like normal so I gave him I said hi but in a 'why are you talking to me' voice.

Can I get other peoples thoughts on that? Thanks!!


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  • I think he likes her and he just wanted to have a conversation with her you kinda seemed like a 3rd wheel if u want to continue to talk to him like normal just do it when she's not around.


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  • He's obviously attracted to your friend and he didn't pay attention to you.


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