Why are racial tensions so high?

Ok so I'm a mixed guy half black half white and I'm mainly attracted to white women and I'm friends with a black girl and she gets fighting mad about this and constantly degrades white people


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  • There really isn't a good answer for this question. I think its just the fact that people are so damn afraid of people who are different. When in reality its only a few pigments that separate us. I dont know what to blame this on except ignorance. (btw no disrespect to your friend)


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  • Coming from the perspective a mixed female; black and white, a lot of men of color tend to chase after white women. Especially when it comes to mixed males. They have this notion that white women are better, or they hold them to a higher standard. Why is it that you can be friends with black females but they're not worthy enough to date? Obviously there's no problem if bias hasn't entered into the equation.

    • It's just always been my personal preference it has nothing to do with self hatred because unlike slot of people who choose sides I don't I'm mixed with white and black and I'm proud to identify as mixed

    • I'm glad that you're very accepting of both your sides.

  • From my experience as a black women. A lot of black men made it no secret for their preferences for white women but they do it in the wrong way. Black women dont care for black male preferences for dating but the way black men go about it is very harmful. A lot of black people still have a lot of resentful feeling when it comes to white people in general.

    • It has a lot to do with inner hatred. I'm multi ethnic, mixed, whatever you want to call it and for a long time I preferred to only date white males due to the fact that I hated the black part of me. I wanted to marry a white man so that my children would look more white than anything, but when I started to love myself and accept what I was, I began broadening my horizon and stopped looking at people for what color they are. Of course I still have some ways to go, but now I would have no problem dating a black man, a Hispanic man, any man of a darker complexion.

    • This has nothing to do with self hatred I'm biracial and I'm proud

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  • I don't know why since you're half white. If you choose to date white or black it should be ok since you're mixed with both.


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