What are reasons a guy would ignore a girl if they had a good connection?

So there this guy and well me and him have known each other for about 3 years now and we talked on and off for those 3 years how it works is well we met on a dating app and one of us would delete our accounts but somehow we always found a way hack to each other and we talk. This year we've been talking a lot like every single day till about last month and when we talk its great we always have stuf to say itskinda like talking to your best friend except with flirting and stuff. But about a month ago we hungout (deff not first time) he invited ms over to his place to watch the game and have drinks (he didn't expect sex or anything he knows I'm not that type of person) and well we did that it went great and that day I felt a really good connextion /chemistry with him that day he was drunk and he wanted to pretend to be a married couple and stuff and he also asked me about my ex and what type of guys I liked and stuff I don't know it just seemed like he liked me. I ended up sleeping over at his place but no sex we did cuddle and make out tho. But after he kinda just ignored me till recently when we started kinda talking again like something happened to me and he seemed all worrid andbstuff and kept asking if I was OK and stuff but even now When we talk its not the same as before and he doesn't flirt with me and stuff so I'm so confused what does this mean?
Does it maybe mean he only wants sex? And since he knew I wouldn't do that he ignores me
I'm 19 by the way and he's 25


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What Guys Said 2

  • If they talk as much as you wrote on this post.

    • So should I just ignore him then?

    • Yeah, you can find someone better than him, with the same amount or more connection. Just gotta bait that fish on the hook, then you found your one. That guy may regret doing that, but you'll be happy with your new man.

  • have you seen him since?


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he thought it was uncomfortable and he wanted to stop. I would confront him if I were you


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