Have you ever gotten a heartbreak?

What was the most painful romantic experience you've been through and how did you get over it? Have you ever gotten a heartbreak?


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  • I was with this woman for three years, from 16-19yrs old and we were engaged for about a year... she wanted to wait to have sex till we got married but it happened on year 2... it completely changed her, we both took each other's virginity and we both changed, all she wanted was sex 24/7 and I couldn't keep up.. we lost two babies together, we went through a lot.. things started spinning out of control when the depression and anger hit both of us on her second miscarriage... I started partying more and became more distant... in the meantime she was quitely losing her mind... she started blowing up on me for partying, and blaming me for our miscarriages.. and she became physical, started hitting me... and things just got worst... she eventually started partying to, and became more depressed and angry, then left me for my pot dealer... and after she left me I was devasted... I was crying for weeks until someone put hard drugs in my face.. then I felt better, I felt loved again... I just recently got over her and it's been 7yrs since we split.. and as a result I've been clean, no drugs or alcohol... and I'm so happy for her, she has two beautiful boys, and owns her own business.. she's a success, and happy.. and as a result I couldn't be happier :)

    • It's hard to see things the same when you've been through so much with someone else. I respect and admire that after everything that happened you can still wish her the best. It only shows you deserve the best too!

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  • I met this one guy back in November, he made me feel like I was walking on sunshine. Or that everyday was a dream. I was always smiling and I don't recall ever be that happy. We would Skype and talk every day. And then one day, that all changed. We're still friends and we still chat everyday, but it's not the same and I miss it. I miss how he used to be with me. How he used to make me feel and how I could tell him that. I'm still not over him. Sometimes it feels like I just have to carry on with only half a heart just so that I can get through the day.

    • Similar thing happened to me. I don't think there's anything worse than having to move on when having the person there everyday to constantly remind you about your feelings for said person.

    • I've thought about cutting him out of my life many times, but I can't bring myself to do so. He makes me days bright even if he doesn't know that, and even though it makes me sad seeing him moved on from me, I still keep in touch with him because I rather still have him in my life with the way things are, then to not have in my life at all.

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