Double standards or just a common method?

My friend has been using a dating app, and was dating a girl, who we will refer to as (A) , they talked regularly and met a few times. She wanted him to uninstall the same app that they met through. He told her that, he wouldn't do that as they were not a stage of any relationship, and were simply dating. She wasn't too happy with his decision, but didn't press him any further. Meanwhile, my friend's profile was liked by someone, we will call her (B) and they started talking as just friends. A few days later, the girl who he was dating (A) calls him up and says that he has been talking to a friend of hers, the girl in question (B). Now when the call is done (B) calls him a jerk and says that she is happy that her friend is safe, and she then removed my friend's profile from her liked, which cleared all the chat logs on the app, and my friend had hardly any time to register what happened, but when he did, he told his brother what had happened. I was there too when all of this happened and I told his brother to mark up her profile as a misleading profile. I was miffed at the way things went, and I reasoned that what she did was not good and that it was wrong on her part to use her friend in such manner. I want to know from girls here that is this kind of method common on dating apps? And would you have let it slide on your part?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well, she wanted to see if you were interested in being exclusive to her or if you wanted to see the other options. She realized that you enjoyed talking to other women as well, therefore she decided to stop talking to you.

    • He made it clear that the relationship wouldn't be exclusive, but your theory seems correct.

    • I wouldn't do it, but I completely understand that she did it out of fear. She felt the need to test you before giving you a chance.

    • Such a roundabout method of testing someone😅

What Guys Said 1

  • Well considering that it's just a dating App and nothing of this is real.. there's not much to do, maybe they're just teasing your friend and was waiting to see his reaction, but anyway tell your friend to leave it behind and to move on, there's a lot of girls who really deserves his caring 😊

    • He did move on, but I didn't like the way she went about it.

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