Guys perspective needed- mixed signals does this guy actually like me or should I not expect to hear from him again?

So I met this guy on bumble he's 29 and I'm 23. We got on really well and started texting and less than a week later met up. The first date was great But he didn't ask me on date till the Friday and when he did he said he was ill but asked whether I was free this weekend and then it was really left to me to ask that he picks the place. I stated the time and I said to meet that day. I asked him if he was sure he wanted to go on date when he's ill and he said yes. The second date went ok but the main reason why I say that is at the end he walked to his motorbike and told me he would offer me a lift back to mine but it would be so cold. It was past 11pm and while he's not familiar with the area and he did ask whether I was ok getting there and back but it was a good 25minutes walk alone- which I don't think he was aware of. He asked that I tell him when I get in. During the date he joked about us getting married and would very briefly touch me , but I noticed he kept watching his watch during the end of the date which I felt was quite rude and I jokingly brought it up but he still kept doing it and at the end of the date he kissed me but oddly enough he didn't ask he just leaned down and started kissing me and would break it off now and again to tell me that my lips were the softest he's ever had. At that point we were at his bike. He was getting ready to set off while he kissed me and I politely stopped kissing him because I was really taken aback that he didn't think to walk me home. He then said that I didn't have to wait for him to get ready and I said goodbye and left. When I was walking 5minutes in he said he was home. I called him to say that I was still walking and that I felt sorry having met him when he's ill and he said that he wouldn't made the effort to come out and see anybody when he was ill. That last message I got from Him was to ask whether I had fun, which I replied that I felt bad having made him come out ill. I haven't heard from him since
When I say since I mean all day


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  • Hum odd but guys can be. Totally not cool about you getting home that's super sucky!

    Try a third date then see how you feel or how he acts

  • Whoa. That is quite the interesting situation!


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