Girls, His friends Come before me?

So we were in the car and were talking about that night how I accidently embarased him around his friends cause I asked him to take a picture with me and his friends laughed at him and walked out the room so where we hangout is this trap house and I dont like being surrounded a lot of pepole I dont know we got into a argument that night and he smoked outside with his friends but I feel like he talks about us to his friends and I asked him to take me home that night cause I felt sick and didn't feel loved by him and so he drove me home and right when we got to my house we had a long talk to make sure things were okay, but this one thing he told me was my friends come first but I didn't say anything about it and he said my friends always come first and so he likes to go out every weekend but I'm a staying home person and likes to wife him up and stuff? So how should I talk to him about these things?


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  • Guys want to be with their boys and they don't want to be tied down when young and in their minds, girlfriends tie them down.
    You're kinda on the back-burner for now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings -- but that's the reality
    When guys are young, they are not always ready for responsibilities and committments and a girlfriend is one.
    It does not mean that he doesn't love you nor want to be with you, but he does have another agenda in place, ie. his guys come first.
    It's nothing new. I suppose all girls have to accept that "boys will be boys" and do boy stuff with their boys.
    Speak to him because its bothering you and try find somewhere to meet in the middle.


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  • Why did you go with him that night if you don't like being around a lot of strangers? Wouldn't it have been better for him to just attend alone? Have you met his friends on an individual basis in a setting you are more comfortable in?

    A girlfriend shouldn't be priority when the relationship is still new (<1yr) but eventually they should be your first priority simply because they are your life partner (assuming it becomes a serious long term relationship). However, it's still important to maintain friendships while in a relationship. You don't need to go out with him all the time as long as you guys are setting aside time for couple stuff. It seems like the issue is that you aren't getting enough couple time.

  • I think that's a typical guy thing

  • No point in talking. You clearly don't want the same things. He was upfront and honest. Don't expect him to change. Find someone else that wants the same things as you.

  • I don't know him but man I hate him. He seems like a jerk to me.


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