How to get over a crush on a guy who is NOT an Ass Hole?

I have a huge crush on a guy I work with. Now I have googled this, I have gotten advice from people in my life and nothing seems to be working. The guy I have a crush on embodies everything I want in a guy. He is kind, caring, smart, funny, we have the same weird sense of humor and he is very cuuuute. I would say we are becoming good friends he is so supportive of stuff I do, and has been very encouraging. He has a serious girlfriend that he has talked about marriage and kids with so I know he plans to be with her for the long hall. The advice I was given is: 1) try to avoid/distance yourself from him. Which works for the time but because we work together (different depts) I can't avoid running into him and then he reminds me yep yep this is why I like you (damn!). 2) Focus on the bad things about him, the things you don't like. He is a lot younger than me, He probably would never be interested in me, we work together and he is a bit to friendly with everyone, which means girls tend to be drawn to him (which he never indulges in because he loves his gf) But low and behold its not enough. 3) Date more. All of last year and the begging of this year I have been dealing with and array of ass holes, they start out as nice guys and I'm like "finally! someone who can be for me." and then as you get to know them more they turn out to be aholes, from one guy being so incredibly close minded it was disturbing, to another never calling back after what i thought was a nice date, or one who just wanted sex and when I didn't give it to him never talked to me again lol. All they did was remind me how much I want a guy like him, A big sweet cute nerd. I am no home wrecker so the thought of breaking them up and trying my hand is not something I would ever do, so I just want to get over this and move on.


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  • Use the crush to dress better and do better at work. Think of him as a motivating factor but stop eyeing him too much, let him see you doing well and standing out at work instead.


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