I'm trying to distance myself, but she doesn't want me to, help?

Long story short, I liked her, I thought she liked me. She was very touchy, flirty, and went out often, she even said she liked me. Found out she didn't like as much as my close friend, ends up dating him, a little pissed and hurt and admitted I liked her, but she says she sees me as her best friend.

I'm not upset, like mad, but we have a class together, and I want to switch seats, so I don't have to sit by her. On top of that, she wants to hang out more, and I say I don't want to. She texts me a LOT, and I don't want to talk. I explained to her why, and she says she wants the old me back, but how am I supposed to be back when she lead me on and rejected me? She's sad that I'm distancing myself, but I just need time to get over things. What do I do?


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  • She loves the attention i'd distance myself from her. It'd be good for you to get some space and really explain that to her, how you need space to get over your feelings towards her and if she doesn't respect that tell her boyfriend (i take it your friends with the boyfriend from the post?)

    • Exactly my point, she wants her cake and to eat it to the saying haha. Yeah, and the worst part was I accidently introduced them. Its hard because of the guys my friend, and I don't want to be mad at him, he didn't know I liked her and I can't control anyone else's feelings. I have explained I want distance but she doesn't want me to, saying she wants me back to normal.

  • Distance yourself - if she can get all the benefits of a boyfriend without actually dating you then she will NEVER date you.

    • I'm very aware, and I'm trying my best to do so. I don't want to be near her, because it's just too awkward for me, so I'm talking less and less, and every time I do she just gets upset (sad). I just am getting annoyed with it now.

    • Ignore it, she doesn't care how you feel - so why should you care how she feels? If you don't stand up for yourself - you will just get taken advantage of.

    • Very true, and so I shall

What Guys Said 1

  • Just block her and delete her from any social media.

    • Also, she's trying to use you as a back-up in case they break up in the future. Tell her to fuck off and not talk to you again.

    • Oh I know, I'm the backup plan, I'm trying to slowly distance myself. The problem is, I know they Boyfriend (he is my best friend) and we have multiple classes together, so its hard.

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