Have you ever been attracted to someone just based on that person's personality and not their looks?


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  • Yes, I have experienced that before. Looks do matter to a certain extent but personality matters much more. I've found myself attracted to several men who were about average physically but far above average in their personality. Looks fade so at the end of the day, personality is really what will determine the success of a long-term relationship.


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  • I would say more often than not a girls personality enhances how she looks in the eye of the beholder. Only once a personality is revealed can you judge the entire package before you.

  • Sort of. What I mean is there have been times where at first I wouldn't have been that attracted to or interested in a girl just based on looks alone, but after spending time around her and becoming more attracted to her personality wise, it made her overall appearance more attractive. Does that make sense at all? :)

  • No, I never have been attracted to a girl solely based on their personality.

    I have befriended girls due to their personality, and I get along with girls I don't find physically attractive. On the other hand, there are many girls I consider hot, and I don't like their personalities.

    But I can't say I've ever been attracted to a girl based on her personality. This seems to be more common with females than males (Which makes sense, since males are more visual).

  • Never. In theory if I could be attracted to a person by personality alone, I would be bisexual, since I've met some guys with wonderful personalities.

    Looks and personality are all a blur to me, and I have never been attracted to a person solely for their looks. However, it matters that she's female, looks like one, talks like one, etc.

    • Most girls who deeply attracted me did so over time, not over first impressions. Knowing them on a deeper level than what I can discern from first impressions does help tremendously for me. But even then a lot of what attracts me (not keeps me around) are outward characteristics: how she looks, how she walks, the sound of her voice, how she smiles, her posture, charisma, her social tendencies, etc. A lot of it is still based on outward characteristics though they go far beyond the shape of her body.

    • For anyone who says "yes" to this question, I would assume they are bisexual, since it shouldn't matter whether the person resembles a male or a female in that case.

  • What other better option is there? the rest of them fade dont they. Matter of fact... if a person has "looks" thats a guaranteed red flag for me already... so if the personality is great, then i can ignore the flag.
    Dealing with the shit now... apparently my friends with benefits has always been liked for looks... I've never gotten that... or maybe its just me.

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  • Yup.

  • yes.. I am experiencing this attraction now. I never found him attractive before he was just another guy but once I started talking to him and we got close. It was like his look and height did not matter anymore. He seemed beautiful to me.. in fact in my eyes he became perfect.. perfect for me... so yes I have been attracted to someone for their personality and not their looks.

  • Yes. Me and my boyfriend met online. We had never even seen pictures of each other and I fell hard for just his voice and personality. He confessed that he liked me and we met up in person to see if we could work. The connection we had online was there instantly in person too. It was all just really natural and easy for us. He is extremely physically attractive but it's still his personality that got me in the first place and vise versa.

  • Yes. Lots of times. Their appearance is strongly correlated with how I physically perceive him.

    The current guy I am seeing, I had zero attraction to him. No sexual attraction at all. Now that I know him as a person, I find him incredibly attractive and check him out all the time.

  • I need to be physically attracted to a guy to feel that spark and butterflies. Just personality isn't really enough but that is the most important factor.

    • yeh im with you on that

    • YOU ARE RIGHT, MOST WOMEN HERE ARE JUST Bull Shitting about personality,
      they have to be physically attracted to a guy if they want to hook up with him

    • @Hungry_Shark Not just hooking up. I think any logical person who knows about love realizes you need attraction in a healthy relationship...

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