I asked him out, does he seem interested too?

I asked a guy out, I feel we both like each other because of some of our conversations we've had but not absolutely 100% sure, its hard to tell sometimes even when you think the signs are there. Anyway the reaction I got from him was exactly the following..."REALLY?" Let me get back to you. He said it genuinely surprised and when I ended up passing him again he was talking with someone and the moment I was in his viewpoint the conversation stopped for at least 2-3 seconds as he stared at me walk.

Let me just say I asked him while we were passing each other on the stairwell since we are both always too busy to really talk much I decided not to wait any longer for a better moment and ask while no one was around.

I need advice because he said, "let me get back to you", which is normally not the best phrase to hear and has me on edge a bit. Does he seem interested in me according to the reaction I described even though he didn't give an answer right away? Please help, Thanks!

New to this sight n already dealing with scum answers.
If you see all these words you know its a long post and don't have to read. Just move on to the next post. Anyone with real advice and not rants please respond.


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  • Jesus stop writing novels in GaG because I'm not here to read freaky novels.

    • You don't have to read, just move on. Its not that difficult.

  • I think he would have yes if he liked you.


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  • Not really


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